Jlctl: a command line tool for controlling your Jumperless - by Niklas Cathor

Hey guys, I just wanted to show you this awesome command line tool that @nilclass is working on.

It already works well at a basic level, so I encourage you all to try it out, break stuff, fix stuff, cheer him on, whatever.

It’s written in Rust, which I know will make you Rust fanboys happy. And messing around with the code is kinda warming me up to that language (note: you have my permission to kill me if I start unsolicitedly telling people to rewrite their entire codebase in Rust.)

And because Niklas is apparently one of those legendary 10000x engineers, he’s also working on a local GUI that can control the Jumperless with a webcam pointed at it (which I think will eventually become the (webcam optional) primary control app in the future.)

I think Jumperlab is such a great name too. Way less of a mouthful than Jumperless Wokwi Bridge (more like Dumbperless Wokwi Bitch, amirite?)

That one’s written in React so I encourage anyone with 1337 web skillz to try that early POC out and see if you’d like to help with anything to make it happen. It’s really cool.

Also, anyone making any contributions to any of these projects will get a free acrylic case and glittery USB cable sent to them. I might even make some special edition stuff that can only be acquired this way (I’m thinking resin cast case with glitter or a CNC’d metal one), so you can flex on the very small group of people who would even recognize it as a flex. Because it’s this community open source vibe that makes projects like this super rad.

Anyway, here’s the thread where we’re discussing all this. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the choices we’ve been making, it’s always good to have more eyeballs on stuff to make sure we’re not being dumb.

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