Cannot wait to Jumper less

Got it yesterday in the mail - very fast shipping - appreciated the old school label maker label. I did not have time to mess with it yet - excited to do so…hopefully this weekend. I am an electronics hobbyist focusing mostly on IOT, 3dprinting and self-hosting related projects. I am not one to post in forums such as this, but jumperless would seem to be a good project to start doing so.

@ArchiteuthisFlux - I am curious what your level of knowledge is in electronics, prototyping, etc. and what gave you the idea for this thingy, is this the first project that you have produced and sold? Oh, also curious roughly how many of these are out in the wild?

I’m glad it made it to you safely!

To answer your questions:
That’s hard to say about myself, but I think the way I work makes me able to pull off any electronics project I’m into. Like, there’s a cusp somewhere where you have all the fundamentals down really intuitively, then after that you can basically “store” any specific knowledge you need on the internet and in other people’s heads (assuming you spend enough time to retrieve it).

That being said, I generally prefer to mess with low-level/8 bit microcontroller stuff, analog circuits, vacuum tube related things, and 3D modeling. Other things like 3D printing I leave to the people who are really into it, I have a FLsun Super Racer but I really only use it for very rough drafts to figure out how things will fit before I send it to China to get printed on a million dollar machine.

For the idea, I think it’s been a fairly common thing that people consider building until they realize it’s really complex and expensive to build. I was just stupid enough to spend years with it as an on-and-off backburner project until it was actually useable.

I’ve made and sold a few other silly projects:

At last count, I think there are ~150 people with a Jumperless in the world, some of them have a couple or gave them as gifts.

There’s also a lot more activity on the Discord if you want to join. (I would have preferred to use this forum to answer questions so you can find them on Google, but the users have spoken and everyone seems to prefer Discord)

Anyway, welcome to the forum!

Awesome - thanks for the response. First, just want to say, your years of effort are appreciated.

My question about the idea was more about specifically what were you thinking about using it for when you were building it - and really I am just curious. I suppose it is a natural idea - but I like the implementation as it feels pretty multipurpose. Anyway - thanks for the welcome. I have not used discord in a while, but I will join the group. I ended up taking out the Jlo for “a second” last night and it was pretty easy to get going.

One thing that might be helpful is a straight python(read non-mac) walkthrough for getting going with the wokwi bridge.

is the JL chainable? IE can you make one a slave to another or something similar? how about a screen addon? Sorry, this thing is so cool and sparks a million thoughts