About the Reviews category

Have you been using your Jumperless? What do you like about it? More importantly, what do you hate about it and what do you think could be improved?

I really want to make this thing awesome for everyone, so getting feedback is super helpful to let me know what should go to the top of the pile for things to work on.

You can also leave a review on Tindie by going to My Purchases > Review Now.

I promise I won’t be the slightest bit butthurt about any negativity, I crave your brutal honesty. I also want to make sure I’m not overselling what this thing is capable of, so having those reviews out there helps to temper people’s expectations.

If you really hate it, I accept returns indefinitely for any reason. So send me a message and I’ll refund everything, including shipping and a return label.

If you bought one via other means, I may have someone who’s bought one on Tindie post a review on your behalf (if you’re okay with it, and I won’t bias the reviews I add) so if you’d like this to be on Tindie, please also rate these 4 categories 0-5 stars so I can be real about what your ratings.

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