The next (partial) batch will be available Tuesday, December 12th!

I figured I’d give an early heads up to people in the forum in case you wanted to get another one or gift one to someone for Christmas. I’ll be getting 60 freshly made Jumperlesses in on Tuesday, there will also be 40 available from Elecrow. Tindie will send out emails if you’re on the waitlist. There are a lot of people on that waitlist so they probably won’t last long (hopefully longer than the 10 minutes they were in stock last time.)
I’ll hold back ~10 for replacements or anyone who contacts me directly and wants one.

The remaining 400 are made but waiting on the new (revised) clips, those will be ready in early January. So it’s not a huge deal if you miss it.

Here’s the Tindie link if you want to get on the waitlist.