Getting Started using your Jumperless

Please let me know if you followed these steps and I missed something in the instructions. I’m also especially interested in how the Wokwi Bridge App works in Windows.

Well, I tried to install the wokwibridge app on my Mac (Intel, Ventura 13.6), but failed. The feedback was bad CPU type in executable: /Applications/ So, I guess the app was compiled for Mac silicon and not for Intel.


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It works, of course, when using the Python script (and installing the bs4 module.

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I’ll get that figured out today. I imagine the bundled Python interpreter has something to do with it. Worst case scenario, I track down someone with an Intel Mac and run the packaging script with pyInstaller on their computer. That’s what I did for Windows, I just bought a cheap PC on Amazon to compile this, ha. But I bet there’s also a way to do it without going through all that.

If anyone has an Intel Mac and and wants to help, send me a message and I’ll walk you through it.

I’m glad you got the Python version running though.

Hey @fogg or anyone else who has an Intel Mac, could you try this version and let me know if it works?

I finally bucked up and paid Apple $100 for a developer account so when that all goes through, I can even sign it and make your computer not freak out about security stuff. When that happens, I’ll put it in the releases on GitHub.