Someone Let the Electric Pixies Out

Cool, I guess it wasn’t pulling on the power supplies, because those are voltages are right where they should be.

The replacement 1 and a half Jumperlesses will get there Saturday. The half one is for spare parts you can transfer to the one you have.

But in the meantime, if you’d like to look into what caused the issue in the first place here’s some stuff you can check.

First, what was happening when the electric pixies escaped? If it was something that obviously would put a lot of stress on a CMOS switch then you probably don’t need to bother checking this, but you can if you want.

One problem that a couple of people experienced was the internal pulldowns not working on the RP2040 so the DATA, CS_, or CLK lines were acting like they had a capacitor on them and not sending proper signals. Check out this forum post about that and which lines to check with an oscilloscope.

Also, update your firmware and JumperlessWokwiBridge app to the latest versions. Some routing bugs in the older firmware could possibly cause mayhem. And the new bridge app should automatically keep your firmware up to date.

I’ll send you a DM with your tracking number for the replacement.