Setup of Arduino Nano ESP32

Hi all. I just got my Jumperless and because I am coming from the ESP8266/ESP32 MicroPython world, I got an Arduino Nano ESP32 to plug it in. Now, before I go into deep research of the board, has someone already setup an ESP32 on a Jumperless with Wokwi? Which project types and components do I use? For the pinout I’d have to choose Arduino Nano fir sure, but of course I only want to use the ESP32…

Hey welcome!

The Nano ESP32 should work just fine in Wokwi (I use them occasionally), just pretend it’s an Arduino Nano.
It doesn’t look like Wokwi has that actual board in their library, so I’m not sure how writing code in the browser and flashing it from the Wokwi project will work. So you can just plug it in normally with second USB cable or set up OTA updates over WiFi.

One easily fixed gotcha we’ve found with them is that the Nano ESP32 uses its 2 Reset pins for 2 different things, and the Jumperless connects them together. So it might have issues with flashing code while plugged into the Jumperless. I suspected something like this might come up, so I put 2 cuttable SMD jumpers on the back.

I’m pretty sure RESET 1 is the one they use for something else, so if you have issues with flashing, cut the one on the right with an Xacto blade or whatever. If you still have issues, you can just cut both (you can always solder them back.)

But yeah, other than that, just treat it like a regular Arduino Nano and let me know if you run into any issues.

I could flash over the ESP32’s own USB after disconnecting :slight_smile: No luck yet with the serial pass-through.

I have cut the right RESET jumper, and can now access the ESP32 over it’s own serial port at the same time as the Jumperless.


Yeah until I rework serial pass-through and give it a whole buffer and stuff, using a 2nd USB cable is sooo much more reliable. But for regular Serial.print() stuff it should work fine. There’s some extra information in UART-over-USB that can kinda get lost in translation (until I write code to explicitly handle it) like the DTR lines and such.

Right now the code running on the second core for that is really this stupidly simple:

I’m as surprised as anyone that this works at all, but it does.

Just make sure Rotary Encoder Mode is off (and unplug/replug the Jumperless after you turn it off) because it uses the UART lines. And you have the Logic Analyzer connected in Wokwi like this:

Let me know if you run into any issues!

Now, I have managed to do a small test project with an Arduino Nano ESP32 and a T’FT display. I used the wokwi-arduino-nano board and everything works. But this is the wrong board. If I use the board-arduino-nano-esp32 board, most of my connections get swallowed by the Jumperless app.


Oh interesting. First, I had no idea they had a Nano ESP32 in Wokwi.

The reason that’s happening is that it looks like they use a slightly different pin naming convention in the diagram.json. It’s an easy fix, I just need to add strings to search for in the app.

(note the lines that say “nano:13” vs “nano:D13”)

Are you running macOS or Windows so I can send you a version that should work with the Nano ESP32 to test?

I am on macOS. I figuered it was an easy fix for you. BTW, the nano board is from the community, not fully supported, but I would rather like to use the proper board in my projects :slight_smile:

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Here you go, this latest release should work with that Nano ESP32. Hopefully other community boards use the same pin numbering so it will work with them too.

The pins I use do work, but I found another bug: Clearing a slot removes the link from the list when displayed, but when I switch to the empty slot the setlist is still uploaded to the Jumperless.

Thank you for the fast update!

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